The Space Dreamers

The Space Dreamers podcast was born from a lifelong love of British author and futurist Arthur C. Clarke. In 2008, the host of TSD read his first ACC novel and in 2020 he read his final novel, a twelve year journey encompassing 20 novels and numerous short stories. 

The Space Dreamers is a documentation of a year-long act of reading every ACC novel in chronological order along with a rotating cast of co-hosts. In addition, we cover so much more than the science fiction novels of Clarke. We are also reading the majority of his short stories along with at least one science fiction film discussed in each episode. 

Where Does Su Madre Come In?

  • Music created and recorded by Su Madre’s in-house composer, Kevin.
  • Voice-overs performed by Quinlan and recorded in-house.
  • Logo created by our in-house graphic designer, Amy.
  • Audio recording, audio editing, media host uploading, social media images and audio clips done by our founder, Jared.
  • Weekly (sometimes more) podcast edited and scheduled in advance on a set schedule. One episode drops every Thursday.


Recording an episode for The Space Dreamers with co-host Heather