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My name is Jared, founder of Su Madre Podcasts. Back in 2016 I began my podcasting journey when I was hired by Restaurant Unstoppable, the #1 restaurant industry podcast in the world. Since then, I have learned all the tools necessary to build better podcasts. Finally, in 2019, I started my own podcast, The Space Dreamers.

The purpose of Su Madre Podcasts is to make your life easier. I have helped Restaurant Unstoppable grow into a multi-faceted, multi-revenue stream company. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the host of RU step away from the day-to-day editing in order to grow his business and his podcast into something amazing. That is what Su Madre can do for you. You focus on gathering great content. Su Madre will focus on editing and perfecting it.

The first project Su Madre does for you will be free.
That’s right; FREE. We can talk about money once
you’ve seen what we at Su Madre can do to free you
from the day-to-day, behind-the-scenes editing and