The Head of the Snake

THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE is a brand new audio drama miniseries releasing on Valentine’s Day 2023. It’s a dark and twisted love story for the modern age. It’s a combination of body horror and cosmic science fiction. It was developed in a very unique way. The music was created first, with only a theme decided upon; that being body horror, or more specifically, cosmic body body horror. I, the writer, listened to the music and wrote the story based on what I heard.

THOTS is five episodes, with a total runtime of 85 minutes. Aljoscha Guenter provided the score. I asked for five tracks at five minutes each, with no names, that go in an order determined by him. I listened many times and eventually THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE’s storyline emerged in my brain. Over the course of a few months I wrote an outline and eventually a script. I solicited cover art, painted by the insanely talented Ozzie Sneddon, and a sound designer, Ben Ridge. I have professional voice actors, such as Mike Bodie, A.W. Miller, and Luzie Juckenburg (Nora from the game INDUSTRIA).

I intentionally chose the theme of “body horror” because I was inspired by how Stephen King wrote Dreamcatcher; he was recovering from a very bad accident wherein he was hit by a car while walking on the road. I knew I was having a major surgery last year, so prior to that, I asked Aljoscha about doing this project, and I based the story of THOTS on my experience recovering from surgery. That is the sole reason I chose body horror as the theme.


Where Does Su Madre Come In?

The Head of the Snake is a Su Madre production. Listen to the full credits for information on our collaborators.