Collective: A Drift Story
In 2016, Emily Stearns opened The Drift Collective, an upcycled clothing store and manufacturer in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Today, Drift occupies two locations in Portsmouth and is thriving. This podcast tells the story of The Drift Collective, from Emily’s initial idea for the company, to learning how to sew and renting her first retail location, to buying her first building from which Drift currently operates. It’s a harrowing tale filled with real estate woes, smart and scrappy early business moves, brand building, water damage, a pandemic, old fuddy-duddy doubters, trips to Spain, surfing, sewing, and that sweet and savory (sometimes sour) dream of entrepreneurship.

Where Does Su Madre Come In?

Jared, the founder of Su Madre Podcasts, is the host and narrator, weaving a compelling yarn through clever narration and heartfelt reflections on the Drift journey.
Carl Smith provides an absolutely stellar soundtrack to the proceedings.
Su Madre did everything for this podcast, except the music.